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#4: Weekender

November 3, 2008

The crispy, colorful fall weekend gone as of minutes ago allowed for the perfect opportunity to put my World War II Aviator Kit Bag to good use. Here I am (half asleep, by the bye) early on Sunday morning at the East Hampton bus stop working the bag with my other favorite accessory, red lipstick, ever trying to gracefully balance the masculine and the feminine.
Aviator 1
(I’m also inconspicuously wearing the navy pants of post #3 fame)

These bags make me want to squeal for reasons I can hardly articulate. Built for carrying leather jackets and parachutes amongst other spoils, you couldn’t ask for a more sturdy, perfect size weekend bag. According to the Technical Order Compliance Record, this bag belonged to Lt. Richard Creeder (I couldn’t find out any additional information on this guy, but thanks for the bag, sir!)
Aviator 2
I picked this one up along the way for ~$80, and you should generally be able to find them in that dollar neighborhood if not for less. Although, on a recent cruise through one of my favorite vintage stores in downtown Manhattan, Eleven, I came across a few for $300 a pop. When looking for quintessential yet somewhat ubiquitous militaria, you can always find a good price if you’re willing to hunt. Words to the wise: Never settle, trust no one (not in boutiques, anyway!)

Country Musings:
Doesn’t something about the way the light is hitting the brush make you NEVER want to wear synthetic fabric again for the rest of your life? I feel the same exact way.

Autumn’s almost over and winter’s near so please darlings, do make sure you get outside. It’ll be a long, cold winter and I’d feel a lot better knowing that each of you stepped on enough really crunchy leaves and breathed in enough fresh air to get us all through till next year.


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