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#25: In With the Old

January 2, 2009

A happy New Year it is! Every very special vintage or antique thing is now a year older, a year wiser, and a little more resilient– just like each of us. Even those questionably vintage mid-century pieces, well, their stories grow a little more interesting and more worth preserving.

I picked this sucker up at my favorite store in the known universe, Luddite— a carbon copy of what the inside of my cerebellum looks like.
To each her own, but my ideal of the superlative handbag is simple, unbaubled, non-decorative, slightly masculine, and sturdy as all hell (not that I’m not known to throw around my vintage Chanels, Hermès or LV, I am a girl after all, but bear with me). It doesn’t hurt when it’s perfectly cuoio either (and beat up, the way a vintage leather should be) , as this one is. This mid-century leather bag– showing telltale signs of being made in the 60’s– perfectly combines elements of the simple and classic, which always looks good no matter what year we find ourselves in. Based on aesthetic appearance, one can’t tell whether it’s from the 60’s or the 90’s or any old decade. It’s timeless, regardless of how old it is.

But here we have few scenes from my boudoir, and pieces that truly do show their age as signatures specific to days gone by:
The elegant Victorian, 100+ years in age
(Special thanks to Anastasia)

The ornate Edwardian and cheeky 20’s, 80-100 years in age
(Ladies gloves, Ladies cloche hat)

The tastefully witty 1930’s
(Baby alligator handbag, Celluloid art deco sunglasses)

The all American 1940’s
summer whites
(WWII US Navy summer whites)

In 2009, the promising hereafter, I think I’m less on my way to my goal of evolving into a renunciate living on the side of a mountain, draped in a white cotton robe and having no need for material possessions than I might have hoped. But there’s always 2010 to hone in on that one.

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  1. January 3, 2009 8:51 am

    I can’t handle going into Luddite anymore, the stuff is too great and the owner is too handsome.

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