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#61: Z

April 21, 2009

Another warm season goal of mine is to get up on a goddamn surf board. After spending three summers at the beach, I never managed to do this, and now that I won’t be spending this summer at the beach, I decide that my great edifying goal is to surf. Maybe I should start with skatebaording… but, skateboarding in Brooklyn is scary (wah wah) and the roads up in the country are craggy, dusty, and full of rubble. Excuses, excuses.

Meanwhile, in lieu of my standard (Keds), time to dust off the old Vans and assume the workhorse position. Sure I’ve got an armada of sparkling new white Keds (3-pair!) to muddy up in the next 5 months, but it’s good to have your trusty fall backs. My broken-in beauties.

I do fully intend to ride the barrel, hang five, hang ten, be bitchin’, wipe out on some gnarly waves; but in the meantime it probably couldn’t hurt to dress a little bit more like a Z-Boy just for fun– these guys undoubtedly left one of the greatest impressions on casual American fashion of the 20th century without even trying. Off to buy some tube socks. Later, dudes. (Corny sign off, OK? I realize this.)

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  1. April 22, 2009 3:11 pm

    Love it. LOVE IT. Check out my man’s long sleeve in the second to last photo. Is that flanel? Dana if you find that somewhere buy it for me. Thanks.

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