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#62: Into the Great Wide Open

April 24, 2009

For years as little kids our parents would take Sis and I up to northern New Hampshire for the summer. As soon as we’d pile in the Taurus, Dad would throw on Tom Petty’s Full Moon Fever or Into the Great Wide Open (either way, we’d listen to both albums on cassette back to back), volume knob turned all the way right. It was a Pavlovian response; as soon as we girls would hear the opening chords of Free Fallin’ or Learning to Fly, we’d know the score. We could have been in a deep slumber all year long, only to be awoken by those chords, and we’d wake up knowing for sure that wilderness and adventures were in our future. These songs still conjure feelings of great expanse and possibility for me.


It’s manifest destiny: I’m headed west. On this the eve of the next adventure, in exploration of this great big country of ours, here’s a little slice of America for you — TP/Into the Great Wide Open (click). I love this video, from the good old days of music video making.

Next time maybe I’ll be headed someplace more exotic, with plants and wildlife and people the likes of which I’ve never seen. But the Southwest really does look an awful lot like another planet, and sometimes I can’t believe how fortunate we are to have it contained within our borders. Be back the first week in May with much to share! XOX.

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