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#70: While the Gettin’ is Good

May 20, 2009

Through May 26 all of us vintage lovers/fanatics/dabblers in New York City have a very special opportunity to visit One Trip Pass, a vintage laden wonderland in the downstairs corner of the Billy Reid store on Bond Street. More information is here, giving a bit of imagery to the inspired adventure behind this fleeting moment. Kitschy and hopelessly romantic American vintage at its best, this place is a real treat.

If you’re not in the market to buy — but aren’t we always subliminally in the market for something? — or should the week get away from you, next time you are in the neighborhood I strongly encourage you to visit Billy Reid if only to stare in silent awe (mine was gushing awe) at the infinitely beautiful space. The exposed brick wall is original to the building though most other surfaces were taken and reassembled from an ancient southern cotton gin, including what is perhaps the most perfect wooden flooring I’ve ever had the honor of setting foot on. Clearly I have very strong feelings for wood flooring.

Minding my spending (especially being on my merry way to Stock) I picked up two essentials, including a glorious spring/summer weight cotton flannel in what else but red, white, and blue. The label-less wonder, judging from style and buttons, is probably from the 1960’s and boasts a square patch pocket. I’ll be wearing this with the sleeves rolled up and Levi’s 505 cutoff’s on just about every breezy summer night headed our way, and under a firework dappled sky on the fourth of July.

In a fit of indulgence I also picked up a Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels screened vintage t-shirt. Too good to walk away from. (There are still a couple of these left.)

Go find your perfect flannel and vintage t-shirt (all reasonably priced!) while the gettin’ is good!

One Trip Pass at Billy Reid
54 Bond Street, NYC

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  1. May 22, 2009 10:58 am

    Perfect picks–love the t-shirt. Want to just go ahead and become my personal shopper?

  2. July 5, 2009 11:56 pm

    soooo jealous! i’ve been aching for that shirt for YEARS! nice find.

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