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#71: Love Beads

May 27, 2009

Admittedly I’m beginning to feel the inherent effects of summer laze, and it isn’t even summer yet. Our Brooklyn backyard is primed for BBQ season, our lone rose bush is in full bloom, peaches and apricots are starting to taste good, I’ve been tossing blankets off the bed and sleeping under a single white sheet, of course I haven’t worn socks in ages, and I’m running around outside instead of holing up in front of the Mac. All signs point to summer.

In the heat and spirit of the season, less is always more. What iron will can bear the weight of unnecessary accessories or layers? Pants don’t exist to me June through August– not whites, not linens, not nothin’. But our adornments give us our individual flair and so exceptions must be made.

Beads embody carefree fun and zero effort. Dig deep enough and some embody history, too. On my jaunt out west I picked up some summer staples at the trading posts.

Venetian milk glass beads (turquoise and white) and Venetian whiteheart trade beads (red).

The milk glass beads date from sometime between the 1750-1850’s and I love to think that these may have traveled across continents in their heyday. Most tradebeads were produced in Venice for hundreds of years until the early 1900’s, and traded in Africa and the Americas as currency. The pictured whiteheart beads date to the early 1900’s.

Bare legs, veggie dogs, love beads. Salute the summer.

by Allen Cordell

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  1. May 31, 2009 2:07 pm

    Lovely. AZ is a great state for rocks, gems, beads, etc.

    Enjoy the Summer!


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