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#88: Wish List, 1925

August 24, 2009

My sister’s much belated birthday present had just arrived in the mail last week, shy of a month late!  Fleischer’s Knitting and Crochet Manual from 1925.  It was quickly delivered to the recipient, still glowing like a Birthday Girl, but not before I tallied up a wish list.

She’s quite a hand with the knittin’ and a crochet needle.  At least I hope she is, because I might be expecting a thing or two for Hanukkah.  Or Thanksgiving.  Or Columbus Day.  Or in gratitude for a lifetime of sisterly love.  Whatever I can get.

It’s so rare to see casual clothes from the 20’s or any other bygone era survive, worn with love and down to tatters.  While Grandma’s gowns and Grandpa’s best suit are tucked away safely in the attic, the items most telling of their day to day lives are lost to time.

Either one of these’ll do.

With or without the prop pipe for fall?

Shouldn’t be too hard to adjust the measurements to fit a grown girl, right Sis?

Knee warmers, exactly what we all need right now.  And the perfect pair of socks.

A fun little birthday present, no?  They say generosity comes full circle!

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  1. August 28, 2009 2:52 pm

    I agree, I like the men’s shawl collar sweater – I have one from Rugby and it goes with everything and is far better looking than a hoodie. Awesome find!


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