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#106: Speaking of…

November 21, 2009

Mmm, yes, speaking of putting money back in the pot and plumping up that little nest egg… Mmm, yes…  But when a one-of-a-kind-something-or-other sings its siren song, there’s one of three ways things can go: 1. nab it without hesitation, live happily ever after; 2. walk away with little to moderate hesitation, let its memory fade; 3. Walk away with gripping hesitation, let its memory stain you until your dying day.  The latter two emerge naturally over a period of a few hours to days, and so you don’t choose them, they choose you, unforch.  True, my topic isn’t terribly germane to the forthcoming holiday season and spirit of giving, or to lessons in frugality, but then again they rarely are.   Such is my lot in life, c’est moi.

To the point, have you yet to fall in love with the new Forest Bound Harvest series?  All my hugs and kisses go to Alice who put much heart and soul into creating this singularly unique and beautiful collection of tote bags.  Read about the charming provenance of the vintage materials that compose each piece on her website, and if a certain piece is singing your song?  Nab it without hesitation, live happily ever after.

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