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#123: TLC

April 25, 2010

I try to give myself a rough n’ tough jeans n’ tee ‘boy on the side’ image but in fact I’m  often in frocks.  The truth is out there.

A new favorite, a semi-sheer indigo muslin dress with white pin stripes.  It’s about 100 years old and in strong, wearable condition.

Black silk-covered buttons and batiste cuffs.

Full, sweeping skirt.

It’s interesting though to think how a piece like this, say, found in tatters, could still provide waves of inspiration beyond its lifetime as a dress.  It’s value as a textile matches its value as a wearable antique, whether its pattern provides the kernel of  inspiration that becomes a classic mens button down or a frivolous outfit (I wore it to the opera last Sunday).

Girlz only: Wearing an antique dress lends much imagination to the day-to-day when one can get through that day without literally falling apart at the seams.  When antiquing, if you come across a piece that looks damaged beyond what time and energy you’re willing to put in to make it wearable, or if it is too delicate to do most activities in besides sitting still (I love a good sit but much rather enjoy moving), perhaps best to move on or use it for inspiration if it hits you.

When caring for your antique textile, your new ‘baby’, clean it only if you must.  For simple, non-decorative clothing, you might wish to soak it in a light lingerie soap or a small amount of OxiClean and rub very gently at the age or dirt spots; rinse very well.  Squeeze, but do not wring, dry; wringing may damage the delicate material (I type as I shed a tear for past mistakes).  Repeat the rinse n’ squeeze and lay flat to dry.  Fine print: Dry clean at your own risk…

When storing, fold or roll it in a drawer or trunk.  Hanging the item for any length of time may be detrimental to its shape and integrity.  Hey, if you have any tips n’ tricks, please share!

And that’s that.  Resuming boyish facade.

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  1. April 29, 2010 3:40 pm

    Dress envy!

  2. May 8, 2010 8:26 am

    These shorts are sweet I’m always a sucker for cinch straps, I’m going too keep my eyes out for these on my daily thrift rotation. Thanks for the history lesson!

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