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#162: Gimme a pound

June 6, 2011

Columbia Road Flower Market, Sunday, 29 May

Campania Gastronomia; I did not eat this food but I stood in front of it for a while.  Radical crustiness.

 Felt silly as soon as the words “isn’t it too early for an oyster?” slid out of my mouth.

Hardest man to ever sell you your pink posies.

This one had a mouth on ’em, and a grimace to match.

Simple, beautiful.

Peonies, forever my favorite.  Remind me of Grandma. I think that all pretty flowers remind me of Grandma.

ALL EYES ON THOSE PAWS and then the sweet smiling eyes of Mom. (But that’s my Number One, my amazing hostess, being a peanut in the background.)

 Floppy baby wouldn’t fit in my suitcase, I had already bought too many clothes.  Must…go…back… for floppy baby…

The Columbia Road Flower Market  happens every Sunday on Columbia Road just near Shoreditch in East London.  What’s not really captured above is the whole gestalt of the market with the wazillions of blooms and the huge crowd.  A certain, special happiness derives itself from the flora laid copiously over the cobblestones, crusty breads, floppy pooches, smiling crowds.  How has this not caught on in New York?

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  1. Christine permalink
    June 6, 2011 11:34 pm

    England is not like New York, but I sure wish it were. The simple things are the most beautiful. The white haired woman is just beautiful. Love her look.

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